Since 1947, Hock Ann has crafted fine custom jewelry for countless satisfied customers. At Hock Ann we offer fresh original designs, expert workmanship and personal services that will inspire you and educe your trust. During the process we would work alongside you, whereby close attention would be paid to your preference. According to your preference, we will develop a series of preliminary sketches to help you envision the final product and additional changes would be made if necessary. Here in Hock Ann we recognize the uniqueness of each piece of jewelry and the importance of catering to each individual. Our team of gemologist, jewelers and designers are committed to providing you with unparalleled customer service and ensuring satisfaction in every customer.


Jewelry requires gentle care to ensure its everlasting beauty. That’s why as a form of after sales service by Hock Ann, we offer complimentary ultrasonic cleaning for our customers.In view of the delicate nature of your jewelry, we ensure that our staffs are professionally trained to understand the way to restore your jewelry without damaging it.


From the resizing of ring, stone replacement and to the restoration of family heirlooms, our craftsmanship is of the highest standard. We promise you satisfaction with our products.


Personal style changes over time, there is no reason why your jewelry shouldn’t reflect the person you are today. Hence, give your old jewelry a fresh new look by taking it down to us today. Our professional staff can assist you in exploring the options of resetting and upgrading your jewelry.